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Check the solincx of your investments.

Track everything about your wallet.

See ALL your coins, NFTs and transactions in a simple tab view that makes it easily accessible from only one page and one browser tab.

We track EVERY token in your wallet.

View all your major tokens and their Profit and Loss values at a glance, or switch to shitcoin viewer to see low liquidity coins and your holding values.

Complex transactions, simplified.

Unreal NFT info.

Metadata, attributes, images. Solincx will track these details for all the NFTs in your wallet and display it in an easy to digest manner. Solincx is your ultimate NFT companion!

Detailed NFT data

Solincx returns detailed NFT data from your wallet addresses, complete with detailed information and metadata for you to have access to your NFTs info at a glance.

Detailed Profit and Loss Report

Seen when you bought each token, the lowest and highest prices you could have bought at and how much money you made or lost on each token and overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, solincx is completely safe and secure to use. We only access and read your wallet's address. You can even test it by entering a random Solana Address into the app.

Solincx will provides you with detailed information including:

  • Token and NFT metadata
  • Profit and loss views
  • Solana transaction history for your wallet's entire lifetime
Solincx simplifies the process of monitoring your portfolio, including token balances, yield farms, and NFTs. It's the only portfolio manager on Solana that offers detailed profit and loss reports along with informative graphs for your holdings.

Start reading your portfolio's on solincx